The prequel to the series. Annabelle is a brand new vicar in London and has to stop her friend, Sister Mary, from being framed for murder.

A beautiful woman is found beaten to death in her bathroom. Can Inspector Graham put aside his concerns and discover who did it and why?

A new resident to Upton St. Mary is found killed by an arrow from a crossbow. Can Annabelle solve the mystery of who murdered him? *FREE*

Inspector Graham arrives to take charge of his new team. Hardly a paragon of investigative genius, he attempts to corral them into solving his latest case. *FREE*

A young boy finds bones from a 20-year-old skeleton buried in the woods. Annabelle pursues the cold case and to uncover the truth.

  A new groom falls to his death from the battlements of a castle as his bride flees. Was it an accident, suicide or could it have been murder?

Cars are breaking down all over and a lifeless hand rises ghost-like from a car mechanic's pit. Who does it belong to? What happened? And who did it? A missing girl. A broken doll. Dark, deviant secrets. Ten years ago, a girl disappeared on her way to school. Can Inspector Graham find out what happened to her?

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